Research Interests

Technology Impact in Service Operations, Labor Productivity in Services, People-centric Operations, Economics of Information

Published Papers

1. When does the devil make work? An empirical study of the impact of workload on worker productivity (2014, Download, with Serguei Netessine), Management Science, 60(6), 1574-1593, Special Issue on Business Analytics

2. The implications of worker behavior for staffing decisions: empirical evidence and best practices (2014, Download, with Serguei Netessine), Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 55(3), 277-286

3. Is Tom Cruise threatened? An empirical study of the impact of product variety on demand concentration (2017, Download, with Serguei NetessineLorin Hitt), Information Systems Research, 28(3), 643-660 

4. Fluid teams and knowledge retrieval: scaling service operations (2019Downloadwith Melissa ValentineBradley StaatsAmy Edmondson), Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 21(2), 251-477

5. When you work with a Super Man, will you also fly? An empirical study of the impact of the coworkers on workers' performance (2019, Download, with Serguei Netessine), Management Science, 65(8), 3495-3517

6. At your service on the table: Impact of tabletop technology on restaurant performance (2019, Downloadwith Serguei Netessine), Management Science66(10), 4496-4515

7. Behavioral drivers of routing decisions: Evidence from restaurant table assignment (2019, DownloadOnline Appendix, with Bradley Staats), Production and Operations Management29(4), 1050-1070

8. The impact of workload on operational risk: Evidence from a commercial bank (Feb 2021, forthcoming at Management Science, Downloadwith Yuqian XuSerguei Netessine)

Working Papers

1. M-Commerce, sales concentration, and inventory management (Jan 2021, under second-round review at Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Downloadwith Nitish Jain)

2. Slow and sure, or fast and furious? An empirical study about omnichannel demand sensitivity to fulfillment lead time (July 2020, under revision at Management Science, Download, with Stanley Lim, Fei Gao)
3. How long to squeeze that creative juice? An empirical study on the impact of movie production time on financial performance (Download, with Josh EliashbergKartik Hosanagar)